Why Mystery Novels Are So Popular

Studies have proposed that people who read mystery novels are pretty intelligent. The reason behind it could be that mystery and thriller stories intrigue them to their sense of curiosity. They enjoy the action and situations of characters enduring challenging situations. They love to explore the mental temperament and motivational determination of characters. The survival book series teaches readers how to endure even the most difficult situations irrespective of all circumstances, and while reading the best survival books, they presume as if they are among those catastrophic situations and surviving all odds along with the hero. Apart from that, mystery thriller readers also create a strong drive for justice to prevail and believe evildoers to be punished. Most thrillers provide this type of conclusion, and the best mystery and thriller book allows the readers to experience intense survival moods, suspense, danger, and fear while sitting on their comfy couch. Author Owen Davis’s best mystery and thriller book series ‘Salvation Hoax Series’ is one such book sequence that aims to provide a satisfying experience to the readers in their temptation to figure out the “whodunit” before the series ends.

Four Benefits of Reading Mystery Novels

Psychological Motivation

Reading mysteries, thriller books, and other categories of survival fiction provide a psychological workout, stimulating many areas of the brain. Several types of research have shown that as we read, our brain simultaneously processes the words in a manner that can place us into a virtual simulator which allows us to experience all the events happening in the book as if they are occurring in real life. This can be beneficial for us in at least two ways:

  • It engrosses the brain in energetic experiences. Just as our body requires a physical workout to stay fit and healthy, our brain requires the same fuel to stay in peak condition. Mysteries and thrillers provide intriguing puzzles to process, just like a math question that needs to be solved in the brain.
  • You might consider that you picked up the latest mystery novels for absolute entertainment, but you are unaware of half of it. Your brain requires reading to learn and to absorb every information in story form, explore it, and preserve it for future reference. It’s a unique survival method transcribed into your gene that makes literature reading not only entertaining but downright obligatory.

Releases Stress

The release of stress and worldly worries is undoubtedly an unexpected advantage of reading thriller books. This might sound contradictory, but as we read thriller stories—the suspense and tension build up makes our heart pound faster and makes neck muscles cluster up—this way, we eventually vent our stress out. Imagine as if it’s a stress ball for our mind. We squash the ball, which tenses our muscles, but as we relax it, it releases the stress effect. We might experience some physiological reactions when we read mystery novels, but this experience is mediated. The events in the book are not happening to us, even though our brain perceives them as if they are. When we finish reading the book, we attain catharsis—a way to liberate, cleanse and release stress similar to that of a physical exercise’s after-effects. Thus making stress release another welcoming and unanticipated benefit.

Value Enhancement

Thriller novel stories revolve around the most critical morals humans consider very significant in their life, liberty, and justice. So, when we read a thriller novel filled with threats and risks against these values and morals gives us a chance to measure, weigh and carefully examine our values and reinforce them within ourselves. When good triumphs over wrongdoers, we feel the world has returned to stability and obtained renewed strength that carries us on.

Builds a Human Connection

Another beneficial reason readers love reading thriller novels is that they endorse valuable lessons that require reaffirmation. The heroes who make tough choices and sacrifice for a good cause for others—are valuable lessons we as a society need to make. These novels reinforce this invaluable message to everyone. Suppose we can write dramatic and delightful thriller stories. In that case, it might even change people’s approaches and remind them how significant it is that we sometimes put away our benefits for the welfare of others.