Top 5 Best Horse Books for All Horse Lovers

Top 5 Best Horse Books for All Horse Lovers

 Ask any horse enthusiast what their preferred horse book series are, and they’ll present you with a mini list of their favorite endearing novels that’ll include all aspects about horses, horse training short stories, and much more. Many horse books for early readers tend to search for different ways to profoundly study horses by surfing the internet or by reading nonfiction horse storybooks of 2022. Moreover, you’ll discover the best authors who might have missed your attention yet deserve a top place on your bookshelf or a perfect gift for any horse enthusiast in your life.

This blog post presents some of the best old and new adult and kids’ horse books that deserve every horse reader’s attention.

A Horse Named Spirit

By Michael Ellis

The spirit horse book is about a horse named Spirit. Michael Ellis talks about Spirit, an exceptional horse. He was a product of Stormy, our first horse. It appears from the writing that Spirit was discussing his struggles. His mother, Stormy, and another horse named Thunder play significant roles in many of his life experiences.

Literature from the past has shown instances of exceptional human-equine friendships that are almost supernatural. For various reasons, horses have long since become a part of our civilizations. Horses can be employed as both working and competition animals in equestrian sports. In numerous stories for young adults about horses, they are portrayed as man’s best friends.

The Horse

By Parragon Books

We are all captivated by horses, whether it is their haste, strength, beauty, or merely the joy and amusement of riding them; whatsoever the reason is, they remain among the most friendly, attractive, fascinating creatures. This riveting book is a horse enthusiast dream packed with over 100 striking full-color photos of beautiful horses of all types and colors, from colts to ponies in the ordinary world which horse lovers of every age will gladly spend hours looking at. Beyond the pictures, there is also copiously filled information on horses, and even the mystical nature of stallions and their place in the account, traditional stories, mythologies and folklores. The book presents more than 100 full-color photos. It also comprises a comprehensive directory and a full thesaurus of horse-linked terminologies and information.

Braiding Manes and Tails: A Visual Guide to 30 Basic Braids

By Charni Lewis

Now is the time to give your horse an elegant look! Charni Lewis offers step-by-step directions for 30 mane and tail ponytails for casual gatherings and specific events of all riding styles. Full-color pictures and comprehensive artworks bring every exhilarating turn to life while explicitly representing proper hand placement. Get enthused and try out a scalloped mane plait or a Four-Strand Weave for the tail. Not only will this enhance the overall look of your horse, but the time you spend braiding will also help cultivate that special connection between you and your horse.

A Journey through the Horse’s Body: The Anatomy of the Horse

By Dr. Christina Fritz

 The horse’s structures, from nostrils to tail, are explained with their configurations and physiology in this engaging book that covers the entire musculoskeletal system, the horse’s brain, nervous system, senses and digestive system. The subject theme is captivating from the start, even with the smallest detail, and even skilled horse owners will dearly adore one or two “aha” moments while reading the book. The readers will undoubtedly become an energetic companion while reading about the detailed horse’s body.

Communicating With Cues: The Riders Guide to Training and Problem Solving, Part 1 & 2

By John Lyons

In this novel, we’ll offer you the right tools to get through all your horse’s problems and behavior and create lesson tactics, so your horse will respond in your wishful way whenever you ask. General training moralities work together with detailed lessons to assist you in fine-tuning each lesson to your and your horse’s capability and practice level.

This book will provide several solutions to the most common and hazardous horse actions. Moving from problem-solving to refining performance, we offer you a detailed understanding of handling your horse and enlighten you with the tools you need to create your lesson strategies. And when all the essential work is done, there are several chapters on ways you can have a quality, fun time with your horse.