Best-selling Crime Prevention Books of all Time!

Best-selling Crime Prevention Books of all Time!

Crime prevention denotes a wide set of long-term actions taken to decrease the risk of crimes, troublesome behavior, and becoming a potential victim of crime. These actions might be carried out by a wide range of parties, such as law enforcement agencies, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and police departments. Various diverse approaches are applied in crime prevention labors. For example, better policies of the built environment, use of technical equipment, provisions of welfare and support families and children, necessary intervention in a life-threatening situation of juveniles, and increasing safety measures in the community and neighborhood are possible and practicable ways to prevent crime.

This blog post presents the best-selling crime prevention books you wouldn’t want to miss reading!

Know What Cops Know

By Chief William G. Palmini Jr. & Tanya Chalupa

Know What Cops Know is one the best crime prevention books of 2022 that entails Chief William G.Palmini, Jr.’s fifty years of experience in the police force and training in preventive actions. Readers will learn the necessary skills and attain knowledge that’ll teach about situational crime prevention strategies, many other preventive measures, and how to discern when you become a victim of a crime. It will help teach them to think keenly like a cop in recognizing potential law-breaking circumstances. Readers will also learn what they must do if they or their beloved ones are victims of crime. Know What Cops Know by authors and police offers Chief William G. Palmini Jr. & Tanya Chalupa comprises a wide spectrum of useful tips and information. It is a guidebook that should be kept in everyone’s home.

Crime Prevention: Approaches, Practices, and Evaluations

By Steven P. Lab

Crime Prevention: Approaches, Practices, and Evaluations, 9th Edition, meets the requirements of instructors and students for fetching evidence-based, unbiased analysis of criminal backgrounds and public strategy that can prevent and reduce the deviation. The crime prevention book inspects a variety of tactics for preventing crime and clarifies their particular goals. Approaches include primary prevention methods intended to stop conditions that nurture deviation, secondary prevention methods directed toward conditions or persons with a high possibility for deviation, and tertiary prevention methods to deal with individuals who have already committed delinquencies.

This Edition offers information and research on all sides of crime prevention, comprising the physical setting and crime, neighborhood crime prevention approaches, public policing, crime in schools, and electronic observing and home quarantine. In addition, the lab offers a comprehensive and well-versed debate of the numerous sides of the crime prevention discussion, inaccessible and simple language.

An Introduction to Policing

By John S. Dempsey

Discern the excitement, challenges, and compensations of law enforcement with this riveting book ‘An Introduction to Policing, 8th Edition’. Written by law enforcement experts with wide-ranging experience in all patrolling areas, this fetching, inclusive book mergers applied information with relevant crime prevention theory. The authors have incorporated most current issues, policing methods, and business trends, comprising abstracts on homeland security, current terrorism events, and the provocative Secure Communities Program by DHS. Dedicated Policing Responses to people with mental illness, developments in policing equipment, and much more. Readers will find the newest specialist research and the most recent submissions, figures, court cases, and data on law enforcement professions. The book presents wide-ranging examples from large and small police partitions worldwide and articles from treasured law enforcement specialists who investigate critical policing matters and encounters. An Introduction to Policing, 8th Edition, is an important read for anyone considering a profession in law enforcement agency.

Crime Prevention: Programs, Policies, and Practices

By Steven E. Barkan, Michael A. Rocque

Crime remains a noteworthy problem in the USA despite a huge drop since the early 1990s. In this crime prevention book, popular scholars Steven E. Barkan and Michael A. Rocque present a well-versed examination of crime prevention concepts and evidence-based guidelines, theories, programs, and current crime prevention practices. This book is based on criminological concepts and theories while examining the social core branches of crime, such as employment and economics. This narrative presents the readers with the latest research works, viewpoints, and cases that capture the main crime prevention theories that students must understand, including the public health example for crime prevention. Highlighting the significance of application, the writer has incorporated practical and theory by utilizing the program appraisals all through the narrative and linking the concepts enclosed to the real world.